New disposable email address App.

I post not because it has anything to do with the law, not because it has something to do with Bitcoin (it does), but because it is one of my babies. As a privacy advocate, I’m always trying to find ways to help increase people’s privacy. I was always annoyed at merchant’s asking for my email address to send me a receipt. Unlike the majority of people I knew they were usingĀ  that email not only to sendĀ  me a receipt but also to track me across not only sales with them but likely sales across other vendors and perhaps selling it to data brokers to merge with my online activities.

Now we have a solution. 1ncemail is a simple Android APP that will give you a disposable email alias on demand that you can give to your merchant. Once they email you, the alias is destroying making it useless in the future. In addition, because each transaction gets a unique alias, they can’t track you across purchases.

More information has been posted on the Enterprivacy Consulting Group blog.