Ignorance is Bliss

I would say the vast majority of people, lawyers especially, are completely clueless to the coming revolution of decentralized computing. This is a complete paradigm shift from how most people have been taught to believed over the past 2000 years. The revolution will not be televised (because television is a product of a centralized production […]

Bitcoin Vending machines

I’ve had a lot of inquiries over the past years about Bitcoin vending machines (aka ATMs). The general concern, and one of the primary reason holding back machine adoption, has been around compliance issues. For the avoidance of confusion, I’m going to refer to the devices as Bitcoin kiosks. I should mention that this blog […]

My response to the BitLicense Proposal

September 8, 2014 dana.syracuse@dfs.ny.gov DFS Office of General Counsel – Dana V. Syracuse New York State Department of Financial Services One State Street, New York, NY 10004 Dear Mr. Syracuse, I am submitting this comment in response to the proposed “BitLicense” regulatory framework proffered by the NYSDFS on July 17, 2014. Thank you for the […]


FinCen encourages banks not to de-risk (i.e. terminate relationships) with clients in high risk industries because those clients provide valuable intelligence into financial money movement. http://www.fincen.gov/news_room/speech/pdf/20140812.pdf  

New disposable email address App.

I post not because it has anything to do with the law, not because it has something to do with Bitcoin (it does), but because it is one of my babies. As a privacy advocate, I’m always trying to find ways to help increase people’s privacy. I was always annoyed at merchant’s asking for my […]

Porcupine Freedom Festival

I was at the Porcupine Freedom Festival in upstate NH last month and was conducting a survey about usage of Bitcoin. The reason I chose to do the survey on Porcfest is because of the high concentration of Bitcoin users and enthusiasts and the high number who had likely used Bitcoin at an actual store. […]

Bitcoin and the Federal Reserve

I’ll link this little article with little commentary. It just points to the increasing attention that Bitcoin is receiving in the mainstream monetary world. With all the VC money pouring into Bitcoin startups, I think we may have reached or be close to reaching critical mass where by outright banning of Bitcoin by the US […]

Why the value of bitcoin is destined to fall.

Rampant speculation and publicity drove up the price of BTC (in dollars) in 2013. As early adopters began cashing out, the price began falling and has been falling steadily since. See chart below courtesy of coindesk.com. Suspicion has been recently that the dropping price is a result of the increased number of merchants accepting bitcoin […]